Why aren’t all my Facebook reviews showing?

Why aren't all my Facebook reviews showing?

Recently we had a client call to ask why only four of the six reviews they had collected were showing on Facebook. Have you noticed the same thing for your business? This is to do with the privacy setting of the reviewer. Unfortunately, unless you know the person who wrote the unseen review and can ask them to amend the settings, there isn’t anything you can do about previous posts. However, for future reviews, there are some simple steps to ensure their kind words are seen! If you are writing a review for another business, sharing it to public gives it maximum impact for prospective clients or customers.

Example: 6 reviews, only 4 showing

Facebook Review how to

Above you will see Rating of 5.0 (6 Reviews), but below this, there are only four. Here is how to fix the problem for future customer or client Facebook reviews, or reviews you write yourself.

Make sure your review is public

In order for a review to be seen by other Facebook users, it needs to be ‘public’. If you leave a review, follow the steps below to help the business gain maximum benefit from your review. If you are asking your business customers and clients to write something for you, let them know how to share their review to public too (please note; we have blocked out the business name in this example).

Facebook Review to make public

How to leave a public review on Facebook

  • Go to the page of the business you want to review.
  • Click review.
  • Click ‘Yes’ when the page asks; ‘Do you want to recommend BUSINESS NAME‘.
  • When this dialogue box shows, click the down arrow to select who can see your post.
  • If you select ‘Friends’, only your Facebook friends will be able to see your review on the page.
  • Select ‘Public’ so that anyone on or off Facebook can read your review.
  • Note: At the bottom of the list you can set your selection as your default by checking the box.
  • Click Done.
  • Now you can write your review of the business and everyone can view it.

Leave a review that counts!

Eight guidelines for leaving a review

Remember, reviews are designed to help others decide if they should or shouldn’t buy or work with the business. Whether you had a good or bad experience, it is important to write a review that counts. if you are unsure of how to write constructive feedback, please read our blog on eight guidelines for leaving a review. Click the button below to read.