About CLP

CLP Advertising is the brainchild of Ellie Clare, a south-west local who is community-driven, enthusiastic and passionate about providing an affordable service to help small businesses build their brand.

Today’s small businesses face many obstacles, with digital media being the primary advertising hub. However, we understand how the digital platform can be daunting and sometimes ineffective if misused.

CLP Advertising is here to reduce your stress while you have 100 per cent control over the content used. We provide tailored subscription packages that suit any small business.

In conclusion with a multitude of services now available. CLP will reduce the amount of running around you would usually do. By providing a local one-stop digital media ‘shop’.

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Meet Ellie


The person behind CLP Advertising

Ellie is a creative soul who is passionate about helping people. With a background in business management, retail operations, photography, graphic design and digital media technologies, Ellie embarked on her own small business journey in 2017 when she began building CLP Advertising & Promotional Services.

Through CLP, Ellie combines her life’s loves into one incredible career; creativity, photography and helping others similarly achieve their dreams – all with her best bud Monty the dog by her side.

Volunteering and community work have always been a big part of Ellie’s life. Now, through her own business, she can put forward her skills and passions to help small businesses build their empire and make a positive difference to our local retail and service landscape. This is why she keeps her costs down and goes out of her way to provide exceptional service – CLP is not just another service provider, it is a local partner to help others make the most of their hard-earned success in the ever-changing business world. Ellie would love to help you too. Contact her on 0405 496 333 to find out more.

Ellie was born and bred in WA, so knows this beautiful part of the world well. Although she lived briefly in Tasmania in her teens, the west has always been where her heart is. In her down time, Ellie loves exploring the incredible surrounds her home provides with hikes and mountain bike adventures to really explore places she wouldn’t ordinarily get to experience. When at home, anything creative is Ellie’s way to unwind, including Lego or chilling out with some painting and drawing.