The power of social media: how it boosts your SEO efforts

I get asked often, “does social media really do anything for my business?” When business owners can’t see the “evidence” of improvement through their social media efforts, they tend to question whether it is worth it. If you feel like this, rest assured, there are things at play that you can’t see that are so much more important than what you do see. So, let’s go through some “unseen” benefits of social media and the power it has for your business.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives in today’s digital landscape, and its influence on our personal and professional lives cannot be overstated. One area where social media plays a significant role for businesses is search engine optimisation (SEO). In this blog, we will explore the top reasons why social media can greatly benefit your SEO efforts and help your online presence flourish – and your business too.

Increased website traffic:
Social media platforms act as powerful channels for driving traffic to your website. By sharing engaging content, you can attract visitors who may not have found your website through search engines alone. Moreover, when users interact with your posts and share them with their networks, it amplifies your reach and brings even more traffic to your website. Increased website traffic sends positive signals to search engines, contributing to improved search rankings over time.

Enhanced brand visibility:
Social media platforms offer immense exposure to your brand and content. By consistently posting valuable and shareable content, you increase the chances of your brand being seen by a wider audience. When your brand gains visibility and recognition, it naturally leads to more searches and mentions on search engines. This heightened brand presence can improve your overall SEO efforts by creating a positive association between your brand and relevant keywords.

Social signals and authority:
Search engines consider social signals, such as likes, shares, comments, and followers, as indicators of a website’s credibility and authority. When your content receives a significant number of social interactions, search engines recognise it as valuable and relevant. As a result, your website’s authority and trustworthiness improve, positively impacting your SEO rankings. Building a solid social media presence can, therefore, indirectly enhance your website’s authority in the eyes of search engines.

Quality backlinks and link building:
Link building is an essential aspect of SEO, and social media can play a pivotal role in acquiring quality backlinks. When your content is widely shared on social media, it increases the chances of other websites linking back to your content. These backlinks act as a vote of confidence for search engines, indicating that your website is a valuable resource. High-quality backlinks from reputable sources can significantly improve your search rankings and organic traffic.

Rich source of user-generated content:
Social media platforms allow users to engage with your brand and generate valuable user-generated content (UGC). UGC, such as reviews, testimonials, and comments, can greatly influence a potential customer’s decision-making process. Additionally, search engines tend to favour websites that have fresh and relevant content. Incorporating UGC from social media into your website can boost its freshness and relevance, thereby positively impacting your SEO efforts.

Targeted keyword research:
Social media platforms offer valuable insights into consumer behaviour and interests. By monitoring social media conversations and analysing the engagement metrics of your content, you can gain valuable data about the keywords and topics that resonate with your target audience. This information can be used to refine your SEO strategy, optimise your website’s content, and align it with the trending keywords and topics on social media.

These are just some SEO benefits you won’t see directly when using social media within your business. It is important also to note that having active social media that is branded, maintained with up-to-date information and has regular reviews and other UGC is much more inviting to a potential customer researching your products or services. Social media is a long-term game, so don’t get started and give up when you don’t see changes instantly!

Integrating social media into your SEO strategy is no longer optional. The benefits it brings to your website’s traffic, brand visibility, authority, backlink profile, user-generated content, and keyword research are invaluable. By leveraging the power of social media, you can enhance your SEO efforts, reach a wider audience, and ultimately improve your search engine rankings. Embrace social media as a powerful tool to strengthen your online presence and establish a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

If you would like some help strategising and implementing your business social media to reap these benefits and more, click below to get in touch. My job is to help businesses rediscover the social aspect of social media through community-oriented visual storytelling. Using my 15 years of photography experience, I create compelling content showcasing businesses, staff, and products, resulting in an authentic and engaging social media experience. I would love to work with you!


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