Setting Up a Google Review Strategy for Your South West Australian Business: Boost Your Local Impact

Boost your local impact with this strategy

“Ellie, how do we set up a Google review strategy?”
We recently posted about 7 tips to get more reviews, and you responded!

To help you further successfully navigate the world of Google reviews, here’s some more information on the importance of this tool for your business.

Understanding how to leverage every tool available in your online arsenal to enhance your business’s visibility and credibility online is crucial. One of the most effective tools at your disposal is the Google Business Profile (GBP), particularly as a method of gathering customer reviews. In this guide, I’ll share three powerful strategies to help you increase the number of positive reviews on your GBP: text messages, email, and asking in person.

The importance of Google reviews

Google reviews serve not just as a testament to the quality and reliability of your service but also significantly influence your local search rankings. A vibrant profile with frequent, positive reviews is more likely to attract new customers. It has been estimated that approximately 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020 – an increase from previous years – and it is only becoming more important as time goes by.

Are there other advantages?

Yes! Google reviews also offer behind-the-scenes advantages, such as increasing your rank on the local Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). Google reviews contribute to SEO and can help businesses rank higher or lower in the search results, depending on the review content.

Google or Facebook reviews?

This choice is clear-cut for us, but there are two sides to every story. Ultimately, if you can get customers to review you on both platforms, that is ideal. However, although we believe Google should be your priority, if your main audience is on Facebook, that is important too as it is where they will look for reviews.

Either way, never put all your eggs in one basket because if anything ever happens to your social media page, you lose your business hub.

Google or Facebook reviews? - CLP Advertising & Photography Services

Finding your business Google review link

Not sure how to find your Google review link? No worries! We’ve got you covered with a quick video tutorial that walks you through the process, making it easy for your customers to leave reviews directly. This video will help you understand how to quickly access and share your Google review link with your customers, ensuring they can leave feedback with minimal hassle.

Setting up your Google review strategy

To maximise the effectiveness of your Google reviews, it’s crucial to adopt a structured approach. Here are some strategies that can help you request reviews across different channels.

Setting expectations with customers; step one of your Google review strategy

Setting expectations with customers; step one of your Google review strategy

Setting expectations about Google reviews early in your client engagement process can be an effective strategy to ensure a steady stream of feedback, especially for service-based businesses. By integrating this expectation upfront, clients are prepared and often more willing to provide feedback once your service is complete. Here’s how you can approach this:

Before the service delivery: “As we get started, I want to mention that at [your company], we strive for excellence and your feedback is crucial in that journey. Once we’ve delivered our service, I’ll send a link to our Google Business Profile where you can share your experience. This not only helps us improve but also assists others in making informed decisions about our services.”

In your service agreement: Include a brief section in your service agreement or welcome packet that mentions feedback: “We look forward to working with you and are committed to providing the best service possible. Part of our process involves gathering client feedback. At the end of our engagement, we would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to leave a review on our Google Business Profile. Your insights are invaluable to us and help us continuously improve.”

Send your Google review link via text messaging

Text messages offer a direct and personal way to reach out to customers. Here are a few tips for using SMS to your advantage:

  • Timing is key: Send a text soon after the purchase or service delivery, while the experience is still fresh in the customer’s mind.
  • Keep it simple: Use clear, concise language that makes the process of leaving a review as straightforward as possible. Always add a clickable link to your review page.
  • Personal touch: Personalise the message to reflect the customer’s recent purchase or experience.

Example of an effective text message template:

“Hi [customer name], thank you for choosing [your business]! We hope you enjoyed our service. Could you take a minute to leave us a review? [Google Review Link]”

Send your Google review link via text messaging
Send your Google review link via email

Send your Google review link via email

Emails allow for more detailed communication and can be very effective, especially if personalised.

  • Personalisation: Address the customer by name and mention specific details of the service they used.
  • Visuals: Include eye-catching images and a prominent link to your GBP.
  • Incentives: Although you should never buy reviews, letting customers know their feedback is valued and appreciated encourages participation.

Example of an effective email template:

Subject: Could you share your feedback, [name]?

Hi [name],

I hope you’re doing well! If you need further help with [service], just let us know. We’re here to assist you.

We’d really appreciate your feedback on how we can improve. If you’re happy with our service and have a moment, please consider leaving us a Google review here: [Google Review Link]. It helps us a lot!

Thanks for your support, and have a great day!

Best regards, [your name] [your company]

Asking for a Google review in person

Perhaps the most straightforward method, asking in person, can also be the most daunting. Here’s how to ensure it’s effective:

  • Train your staff: Make sure your team understands the best practices for asking for reviews politely and at the appropriate time.
  • Customer experience: Enhance the customer’s experience so they are more likely to leave a positive review.
Asking for a Google review in person

Pro tip: Ensure you make it easy for customers to leave a review. The simpler the process, the more likely you are to receive feedback. Consider implementing the following affordable and easy options for your business:

For brick-and-mortar retail shops, office|reception areas:

  • NFC Table Talkers: Ranging from $90 to $75, place these on your counter or wherever you usually engage with customers. These devices enable customers to leave a review by simply tapping their smartphone on the NFC tag.

For brick-and-mortar & trades and services:

  • NFC Review Plate: With prices ranging from $80 to $50, these can be strategically placed in convenient locations, such as at your register or on tables where customers sit, facilitating easy access to leave a review.

For trades and services: Businesses on the move:

  • NFC Review Cards: Priced between $40 and $70, these cards are easy to carry in your wallet or work folder. Bring it out when talking to a customer to make it effortless for clients to review your service right from their phones.

Example of what you could say to a customer:

“Hey, thanks so much for choosing to [business|shop] with us today, I am glad we could help you with [product|service]. Would you have a minute to leave us a Google review to help others find the [product|service]? If you scan this QR code or tap this NFC device, it will take you straight to our Google review page.”

By facilitating the review process through innovative solutions like NFC technology, you not only make it easier for customers to provide feedback but also enhance their overall experience with your brand, increasing the likelihood of positive reviews.

Implementing these Google review strategies requires a bit of effort and planning, but the payoff can be substantial for your business’s online reputation and visibility. Adopting these structured approaches can significantly enhance your online presence and foster stronger relationships with your customers. CLP encourages all local South West business owners to try these methods and see the difference they can make in building a stronger business presence online.

If you found this information helpful and have been able to implement these strategies in your business, we would love to hear about your success.

So, we have to ask…please consider leaving us a Google review to share your experience and how these tips have helped you! Your feedback not only supports our work and allows us to offer free information you need for online business success, but also assists other local businesses in discovering effective strategies that can make a real impact.

Thank you for your support and for taking steps to enhance your digital presence. We look forward to hearing about your achievements!