Why tagging the same profile repeatedly could damage your business

Something I see a lot (and experience daily when managing so many social media pages!) is people tagging business pages in completely irrelevant content.

An example of where I see this is in real estate, where businesses tag other pages that are completely outside their target, for example, residential properties tagging rural-based pages.

So, why does this not work? By tagging a page or someone’s profile, they are then notified of the tag. Most of the time the platform will actually send them a Messenger message as an additional alert to a notification. However, unless the content is relevant to them, they are unlikely to share or engage with your post regardless of the tag.

The primary aim of tagging a business or page is so that their network will see it, but unless they share it, that won’t happen. It is essentially a wasted tag.

As a page owner, receiving messages and notifications too often from the same irrelevant content becomes frustrating. You want to receive notifications like this so you can share relevant content and support other businesses, but frequent irrelevant tags become akin to spam. Unfortunately, you can’t mute notifications like these because you then won’t receive the ones you want. Play nice and keep the context in line with what you are promoting and ensure it is mutually beneficial.

So, when tagging people, businesses and pages, please be sure that their content is relevant to yours. Otherwise, don’t tag, unless they ask you to.

Please note: The “notifications sample” in the picture has been doctored to protect privacy; CLP has no intention of naming or shaming any person or business, but strives to educate our community on etiquette and building a more effective and engaging social media presence.