Why you can’t grow your business with just Facebook

There is a common misconception about Facebook marketing, and we often hear the same thing from clients on first contact.

“I am posting to Facebook, but I get nothing out of it”

Let’s take a quick look at some reasons for this, and what you can do for more effective posts.

Why you can't grow your business with just Facebook
  • Reason one: Facebook is a remarketing tool, not a direct marketing tool, which means you use it to communicate with people who have already been exposed to your business. This can be a positive in that you have a ready supply of ‘warm’ customers and clients who already know and like your brand. Nurture this with impactful, relevant and interesting content regularly.
  • Reason two: Business posts often aren’t optimised to direct potential clients to buy or book a consult. A ‘call to action’ is highly important for every post; this is simply a task you want your followers to do, such as booking in to see you, buying your goods direct, or getting in contact for more information.
  • Reason three: It is not easy enough for potential clients to buy or contact the business. Include links, addresses and directions, phone numbers or direct links to your shop on your posts to encourage action.

Facebook has been designed primarily as a tool for businesses to engage with clients who have already been exposed to the brand, and the platform can be an effective marketing tool over the long term. However, in addition to Facebook, you can really start to build your business and draw in new clients with a few other tactics too. One of the best (and cost-effective!) ways to promote your business online is through an optimised Google My Business (GMB) listing. Second to GMB is a well-thought-out website with solid SEO, plus running Google Ads can also really generate some traction.

Please contact our team for tailored advice on growing your business online. We have a wealth of knowledge and know-how to help your business thrive in the competitive digital marketplace.


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