Why Facebook pages ‘likes’ are no longer relevant.

When Facebook business pages started out, it was super important for your viewers to like your business page. Back then, more Facebook page likes equalled more exposure for your business.

However, this has all changed! With the algorithm updates early last year, organic reach tanked to an all-time low.

Why did they change the algorithm?

The reason for this is the ever-increasing number of platform users, which creates more competition for newsfeed space. Therefore, Facebook had to find ways to maintain good user experience with minimal disruption.

Another Facebook update was announced late last year which reiterated this by rewarding more person-to-person interactions over page posts. So, in other words, Facebook’s algorithm works to show each user the content that is relevant to them.

Previously, you were able to reach a good percentage of people who liked your business page, but with these updates, reach has been significantly reduced. This now means that in order for businesses to reach a significant audience, they need to invest in Facebook Ads. However, there are ways to optimise your reach without spending a fortune.

Focus on quality content

The plus side is this means you no longer need to build your page likes in order to be seen on Facebook. In fact, building page likes will often reduce your organic reach, especially if the people who like your page are not engaging in your posts.

Engagement is one of the activities where organic reach is best drawn from. For example, if you have 100 page likes and only 10 people engage with a post, that is only 10% engagement.

If you have 10 page likes and all 10 engage, that is 100% engagement. The algorithm will see this 100% and assume your content is quality and therefore put it into more news feeds.

A quick note on engagement: Engagement is when someone likes, shares or comments on a post.

Focus on what is important

Don’t worry about building your Facebook page likes any more. Instead, focus on creating quality content that people want to engage with. Facebook is all about building a community and delivering a good user experience, so keep this mission top-of-mind whenever you are updating your page.

A final note: Even though it’s not as important to build your audience, it is still important to post regularly. The algorithm also looks for activity on social media; if there is none, then it will see your business as “inactive” and this will also hurt your Facebook Ads.

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