Replacing a Nikon D850 camera battery cover

Are you a little clumsy like me? Here is an affordable replacement battery cover for your D850

I didn’t have my Nikon D850 very long before I managed to snap off the battery cover. I had saved so hard to buy this camera, but a simple mistake like not latching the battery door closed almost left me in tears! As a temporary fix, I taped it up and went on with the job… I left it like that for quite a while because I thought it would cost a lot to get fixed properly. I called a camera shop to get a quote and I was right…

One day I was talking to a friend who had the same problem. So, I decided to research and look for options that could save me the cost of a camera shop repair. I found a replacement part on Amazon Australia and figured, well, for $12 if it doesn’t turn up or doesn’t work, it’s no big loss.

When it arrived I thought it looked too big, but once I pulled my camera out and had a good look, I was delighted! Fixing my camera cost me $11.99 and took me literally 35 seconds.

I had to share this win with you because I know I am not the only clumsy one out there!

Before & after replacement of the Nikon D850 battery cover

Here is a how-to video on replacing the battery cover

This is where I bought the replacement battery cover

Thumbs up to Prettyia Love on Amazon Australia for a top affordable aftermarket product. You can click the button below to purchase this aftermarket D850 battery cover from them.