Social Media Post Branding – CLP Advertising

All our social media packages come with our standard package inclusions one of these is our Branding on your social media posts. This branding can be removed from your posts at an additional costs on your invoice however let us explain why we do this before you decide to have it removed.

What is it?

Simply put at the end of each social media post we create for you, we tag our business as the creators of the content and the photographer of the image. (Example below) This is for a few reasons so lets look at why.

  1. This is first and foremost to give credit to the persons work and to let other people know who makes your social media run smoothly. (this is social medias best practice)
  2. Every time our business is tagged we are notified and will often share content to our stories in order to increase your exposure.
  3. We also will promote your page by tagging your business.

How does this benefit your business?

It allows the post to gain engagement from tagged business pages. It also helps to increase brand awareness as the content will also be visible to followers of the tagged business page. So it is beneficial to your business and mine! It is all about working together to create a larger reach.

What should I expect to see if my post is branded?

Below are some samples of how we brand your posts and content. Each picture is linked to the clients profile so feel free to browse to see if you like what you see.

Facebook Branding Sample

Instagram Branding Sample

Google My Business Branding Sample

LinkedIn Branding Sample

What is the cost of removing CLP branding from our posts

To remove the credits and branding from each of your posts, we add an additional 15% to your invoice.