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Search Engine Optimisation – Part Three

Site Structure

Why is site structure important? Your site needs to be clear and structured to aid usability and searchability! This applies not only for your users but also for the Google bots that crawl your website for ranking.

The importance of usability

The user experience (UX) is significantly impacted by your site structure. If a visitor finds the information or products they are looking for easily, they are more likely to become a customer.

Impact on SEO

A great website structure improves your chances of ranking in search engines. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Google can better understand your site
  2. It prevents you from competing with yourself in search rankings
  3. Ongoing changes on your website are easier to manage

Implementing a solid structure

Divide with categories

The best practice is to sort your blog posts into categories. For example, if you are writing a beauty blog, you could divide your categories into; ‘hair’, ‘makeup’ and ‘skincare’. You could then break these up into subcategories like ‘hair care’, ‘hair removal’, ‘hair repair’ and so on.


Adding tags to your blog posts is another way to help your site structure. Tags are similar to categories but are normally used to describe your post in more detail. Tags exist in their own right and have no set relationship to anything else, so they can’t be arranged in a hierarchy.

Using tags is optional but highly recommended. An example would be a food blogger using tags such as ‘pizza’, ‘salads’, ‘pasta’ and ‘desserts’. If possible, select more than one tag per post as this will increase your chances of people finding your content.

Linking internally

This directly impacts your site. Because you’re linking from pages that are closely related to each other content-wise, you’re increasing your site’s chance of ranking. Linking this way will help search engines figure out what’s important by showing them what’s related and what isn’t.

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