Co-working Sessions – 24 Sessions


Unlock the full potential of your business’s online presence with our year-long Co-Working Sessions package at CLP Advertising. This comprehensive program is tailored for dedicated entrepreneurs looking to sustain and expand their digital marketing efforts. Over 24 expert-guided sessions, you will not only learn but also apply advanced strategies to consistently produce compelling content that engages and grows your audience. Each session also opens with networking opportunities, allowing you to build enduring professional connections.

First Session Free: Begin your transformative journey with no upfront commitment—your first session is on us. It’s a risk-free way to discover the extensive benefits of our sessions.

Referral Reward Offer: (available only to members)

  • Bring a Friend: Invite a friend to join our sessions journey.
  • Rewards for You: Receive three months of additional sessions for free, extending your learning and networking opportunities.
  • Reward for Them: Your friend enjoys one month of sessions free, providing them a significant head start in their marketing endeavours.


  • Year-Long Commitment: Embrace a structured and continuous learning environment, allowing you to deeply integrate marketing skills into your business practices.
  • Regular Networking: Start each session by connecting with fellow business leaders, fostering relationships that support and enhance your business objectives.
  • Strategic Online Growth: We collaborate closely with you throughout the year to significantly enhance your online visibility and marketing prowess, ensuring lasting impact and success.

Take a decisive step towards mastering your digital marketing by signing up for our 12-month package. Let’s grow and succeed together!

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