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Step up your digital marketing efforts with our comprehensive 12 Sessions Co-Working Sessions package at CLP Advertising. This extended package is designed for entrepreneurs who are committed to making significant advancements in their content strategy and online presence. Over the course of 12 expert-led sessions, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to effectively market your business in the digital world. Each session also includes open networking time, allowing you to build and strengthen professional relationships.

First Session Free: Get started with confidence—your first session is completely free with no commitment required. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience the value and impact of our sessions firsthand.

Referral Reward Offer: (available only to members)

  • Bring a Friend: Encourage a friend to commit to our 12 Sessions package.
  • Rewards for You: Enjoy two additional months of sessions absolutely free as a thank you.
  • Reward for Them: Your friend will benefit from one month of sessions for free, giving them a substantial boost in their content creation journey.


  • Long-Term Engagement: The 12 Sessions timeframe allows for deep dives into various aspects of digital marketing and content creation, providing you with a solid foundation and ongoing support.
  • Open Networking Opportunities: Each session begins with open networking, offering you the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Impact: Through our sessions, we work closely with you to enhance your online visibility and ensure your marketing efforts make a significant impact.

Commit to your business growth by signing up for our 12 Sessions package today. Let’s achieve great things together!

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