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I thought Facebook was a FREE advertising platform?

Facebook free - CLP Advertising

This is the question we get asked all the time. The answer is YES Facebook is a free social media platform but as a business, Facebook has put in securities to legitimise facebook businesses to protect its users.

Therefore in order for your business to be seen you need to pay, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bother posting regularly.

For instance, a new addition to the Facebook algorithm called “click-gap data” is where an algorithm looks for post-activity across the web. Including traffic to and from other social media platforms, search engines and places like Google My Business. So more than ever it is important for your business to be active online.

CLP advertising used to make it an option to pay for your ads on Facebook. Now it is non-negotiable as there is no point in having Facebook unless you are paying for Facebook ads. For us to just post would be literally a waste of your money and that is not what we are here for.

A minimum of $1.50 per day plus tax needs to be allocated for us to spend on your Facebook ads. In order for us to reach your audience effectively. The more you spend the more you will gain.

To discuss your options or answer more questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

In conclusion, Facebook is a free platform but in order to be seen, you will need to allocate funds to spend on Facebook ads.